Highfive Films

Here are a couple films we produced to showcase the Highfive experience.

Brand film - "One Idea"
In this film we wanted to show (not tell) that video is a better, more human experience than other forms of communication. We also wanted to convey the power of having "video everywhere" at work. The great irony of the film is that the actors say everything without saying anything at all. Joe Kayser and I shot this in San Diego and true to the Highfive brand, tried to make it fun and a bit irreverent.

Product demo film

Ironically this film was never meant to see the light of day. We produced it as a backup in case we ever experienced network issues during sales pitches, investor demos, or analyst discussions. Despite the bottom shelf talent (yours truly) the film did such a nice job explaining the overall product experience that we decided to put it on our product page.